Tygron EDU Manual

We are happy to launch Tygron’s new EDU Manual.

During last year’s EDU Event, participants from educational institutes expressed their need for a documents that showcases educational use-cases in order to help them implement the Tygron Geodesign Platform effectively in their curriculum. This manual is a practical manual designed to help the lecturers get a grip of what is needed to set up a successful course that could be delivered repetitively for multiple years.

In the past years, many educational institutes managed to integrate the Tygron Geodesign Platform into their curriculum. They did that by delivering different courses to students from various backgrounds. The implementation of these courses resulted in varying levels of outcomes; some were more successful than others.

In some cases, lecturers ran into problems with their courses. Most of the time the problems were technical or logistical. For instance, the outcome of a course was compromised because the assignment has not been properly set up, or because the students ran into hardware problems.

This is why, together with lecturers and researchers, we have compiled and produced this EDU manual. Lecturers have provided us with practical details and recommendations based on real courses which they have implemented. Most importantly, they answered the question “what would you have done differently to make your course more successful?”

What can you do with this manual?

  • Learn how other institutes have been using Tygron in their educational curricula;
  • Understand the content and the design of the courses, including time-distribution, target students, logistics, challenges, outcome and assessment, and other important details;
  • Take into consideration others’ recommendations and feedback based on their experience.

What does this manual consist of?

  • Resources and a guiding template (https://previewsupport.tygron.com/w/images/8/8f/Tygron_Course_Design_template.docx) to help you design a course using the Tygron platform.
  • Existing educational use-cases of Tygron, with 5 different learning objectives: Urban Analysis, Geographic Information System (GIS), Spatial Planning, Scientific Research, and Decision-Making.
  • The outcomes of each use-case presented in the form of reports, pictures, StoryMaps and videos.

For more information about the Tygron EDU Manual: