Simulating vegetation: a graduation research

Students often decide to conduct their graduation research using the Tygron Platform, regardless whether they are supervised by Tygron users or not.

This time Irma van Rozendaal, a former student at the University of Twente, has chosen to use the Tygron Platform to conduct research about the simulation of vegetation. This research was supervised by Tygron partner Aveco de Bondt, and is relevant when dealing with more frequent and extreme rainfall caused by climate change.

Van Rozendaal discusses, among other things, the importance of properly determining the Manning coefficient when simulating vegetation. This coefficient, along with the precipitation intensity, has the greatest influence on the simulation results. Based on the feedback in the research, the way of visualizing in the Tygron Platform was improved by the team. This is a good example of how the Tygron community works.

For more information, you can download the full thesis here: