Tauw makes the spatial integration of wind & solar energy explorable in three dimensions

Tauw supports the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) Noord-Holland North and Noord-Holland South with the spatial integration of wind & solar energy.

Thirty energy regions in the Netherlands are investigating, as part of the RES, in which areas they can best generate renewable energy to be energy-neutral by 2050. This process requires careful consideration. That is why stakeholders, initiators and residents are involved in this process.

Almost a year before the final RES 1.0 is due to be ready on 1 July 2021, the draft RES of each energy region had to be submitted. This was initially June 1, but due to the Corona crisis this deadline has been postponed to October 1. During the process of creating the concept RES, Tauw offered interactive design sessions in which Tauw used the 3D environment Tygron to quickly investigate and clarify the spatial compatibility of wind and solar energy. In addition, Tauw also offered 3D animations for wind & solar energy. These 3D animations were also made in Tygron.

Interactive design sessions

An interactive design session provides insight into the spatial applicability of wind and solar energy, in relation to existing spatial restrictions for wind and/or sun from laws and regulations. In preparation for the session Tauw loads the search area into the Tygron platform. In addition, the limiting contours are prepared in the Tygron platform.

During the design session, we draw a new wind or solar initiative using the 3D environment of the Tygron Platform. These suggestions are delivered to the present stakeholders. Restrictive contours from the current situation are immediately visible in the 3D environment, such as the minimum distance from windmills to homes and pipelines.

An interactive Tygron session can be used for municipalities and initiators to gain insight into the various configurations and spatial effects that await them. The interactive sessions were successfully held at the municipalities of Haarlem and Diemen. 

3D animation wind and solar energy

Tauw also uses the 3D environment of the Tygron platform for  3D animations. These are used to easily show wind and solar energy to a large audience. This is provided by translating the search areas from Tygron into a 3D movie. The film shows setups from different camera angles, such as from eye level and bird’s eye view and from far and near. In this way formations can also be spatially explored in relation to each other.

The 3D animations have been used for the municipalities of Amsterdam and Diemen and for the Gooi & Vecht region and IJmond-Kennemerland. These 3D animations were shown at residents’ evenings and were very well received.