Vechtstromen water board carries out stress tests

The Delta Programme states that municipalities must carry out a compulsory stress test for flooding. The Tygron Platform is a perfectly suitable model for this.

The Vechtstromen water board has trained several employees in how to use the Tygron Platform. The water board uses the software to carry out a stress test in a short period of time and to then calculate the measures that need to be taken.

Tom Grobbe from the Vechtstromen water board told us:

“I was surprised how much information you can get from freely available ‘big data’. Because all kinds of different data are used, you can use the instrument for virtually all interventions in the physical living environment. We use it for water issues and heat stress, but you can also look at traffic flows, noise level, particulates, and so on. This makes it possible to make integral considerations, broader than just the water domain.

Calculation times are extremely short. This allows you to calculate measures on the spot during interactive sessions with residents. For example, you could zoom in on a resident’s backyard and see the effect of a heavy downpour on his or her garden. You can then decide to apply a measure on the spot to see what it does. If everyone gets a rain barrel, is the problem solved? And what are the costs? Do those costs outweigh the damage it prevents? And might the measure also have an impact on heat stress? That makes it very tangible. That’s the power of these instruments. It is no longer necessary to make all kinds of calculations afterwards in order to come up with a solution a few weeks later”.

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