The collapse of the Noordersluis water lock for learning and entertainment

Besides all the serious work that is done with the Tygron Platform, there is also room for entertainment. Like this ‘What if… case study’ by water board Zuiderzeeland.


After the water board elections of 20 March, all water boards in the Netherlands were given a new management. Often the same faces returned, but of course a lot of new board members joined. Marijke Visser and Rumanah Phentaphati of water board Zuiderzeeland decided to use the Tygron Platform (as part of a larger introductory programme) for a special quest to introduce the new members to the work and the working area.

Marijke Visser explains: “One of the questions at Wortman pumping station was what would happen if the adjoining Noordersluis water lock broke down. Where would the damage be greatest?” For the answer they used the Tygron Platform, which provided them with both, the the calculations and the visualization. Visser: “It was the first time we made a movie in the platform and it took us a few afternoons. Due to time pressure, the result is not entirely optimal, but we are actually quite satisfied”.

Visser and Phentaphati assumed that the drain gates would fail, but that the drain itself would hold, so there would be no breakage in the weir. The administrators were asked where the damage was the worst. Visser: “The flood as calculated takes 12 hours because we assume that we will have closed the lock chamber during that time. Then laughing: “We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case in real life!”

In the video, the camera flies over Lelystad from Lelystad Airport past a few locations of the Zuiderzeeland water board (such as the water board house, AWZI and the pumping station). Watch the video and see if you can find the answer