A lesson in climate adaptation for municipalities

With ‘stress test in one day’, Aveco de Bondt, in cooperation with water board Zuiderzeeland municipalities, offers a powerful lesson in climate adaptation. The Tygron Platform plays an important supporting role.

Lelystad and Zeewolde are the two municipalities where employees have already completed the ‘crash course’. What does a one-day stress test like this look like?

Employees from various disciplines, such as the environment, spatial planning and infrastructure, are presented in the morning with a number of locations that are vulnerable to climate effects, such as heat stress or flooding. The Tygron Platform is used to show the issues in a 3D world.

By bike

“Officials actually get a lesson in climate adaptation first,” says Simon Troost of Aveco de Bondt. “What are the changes they can expect in the coming years and where do they come up first? We look at the problems at neighbourhood level and also at the differences between neighbourhoods. Then the solutions are explored. Of course, that doesn’t have to be a definitive solution right away. Making employees aware of the problems is an important first step. With Tygron, we looked at the effectiveness of the proposed solutions so that everyone can immediately see whether the ideas are functional.”

After the theoretical part, officials get on their bikes and visit the areas in question. There they see with their own eyes what the risks are and whether the proposed solutions are feasible.

This hands-on approach stimulates the targeted search for solutions and the coordination of the plans with the various departments.


Upon return the participants evaluate the findings of the day. Climate changes cause specific problems that require a specialistic approach. Through their joint broad expertise, the participants arrive at solutions that can quickly be applied.

Later in the evening they present the findings to the city council. There too, the Tygron Platform is used to support the story with images and data.

“The Tygron Platform is an excellent tool for a dialogue,” says Troost. “The visual character of the software provides immediate insight into the problems. It is in 3D, so the problem can be

viewed from all sides. The high calculation speed makes it possible to make and calculate adjustments right away so that the effectiveness of the measures becomes visible. Moreover, everything is based on realistic calculation models”.