Tygron Platform Preview Release 2020

The Preview Server of the Tygron Platform is ready to use! We would like to inform you on all the new functionalities and what this release means for you and your work. We also provide more information about the meetings we organise to get you more acquainted with the latest version of the Platform.

Release of the Preview Server

We will release the Preview Server on January 1 2020. That means that all users will have access to the new features from the beginning of the new year and you can start testing it for yourself. These are the main improvements:

  • Heat stress based on DRPA standard for stress tests
  • Geodesign: improved interaction with GIS
  • Watermodule: improved usability

We will elaborate on these subjects below.

The full LTS release follows later in 2020. When that happens we will inform you well in advance.

Please join us at the Preview Meetings

There will be meetings on January 14 and 16 2020 to introduce and demonstrate the improved functionalities of the Tygron Platform. Our specialists are at hand to guide you through the process of setting up and testing your projects with the new technology. Please find more information on these meetings and your chance to sign up via this link. Please note: sign up to January 8 2020 17:00 (+1 UTC).
Do you prefer personal guidance? Please contact us at info@tygron.com for a meeting.

Getting started 

Download the Preview Platform and start testing the new functionalities yourself. We updated the Preview Support Wiki with extensive explanations on the new technology. We continue to update the Wiki so if you feel information is missing, please let us know on the forum so we can fix it.

New Functionality

Heat Stress

It’s now possible to calculate heat stress based on the new DRPA standard for stress tests. The new model allows you to make accurate calculations on heat stress based on the data provided by Dutch weather institute KNMI. It’s also possible to calculate the ‘sun angle’ based on time of day or have it shown as an average in an overlay. For more detailed information about these features please check out the DPRA Module information on our Wiki page. The trusted UNESCO model for heat stress is also still available.


Improved functionality for Geodesign makes it possible to better interact with GIS. The new Geo Design Module allows you to show data live from the Tygron Platform as GIS data through a WMS or a WFS. For example, show your own data in a mapviewer and use that data including all attributes in other software like ArcGIS or QGIS for further analysis. Another highly requested feature is now available: you can upload your own 3D models in the existing 3D world. So you can import your own highly detailed 3D models, including textures in the Platform. A great feature to visualise the impact of new buildings in an area and to make the 3D model more realistic. Architects can use this as a way to introduce new designs. For more information please have a look at this short clip and check out the documentation on the Preview Support Wiki.

Improved Watermodule

Several improvement have been made to the Watermodule. Importing your own data on hydraulic structures is now simpler so less preparation time is needed in GIS. This is mainly due to the rasterization of the area. Also expect more feedback on the water system through new overlays and more in depth error messages. The calculation of large areas has been improved. You can now run calculations on specific parts of the area instead of the complete map. That means greater speed if you make adjustments in just a small area of the map. Please check the Release Notes for more information about all improvements in the Watermodule.


Do you have a project on the LTS Server that needs migrating to the new Preview Server for testing? Please let us know by reporting the name of the project to support@tygron.nl and we’ll make sure that it migrates to the Preview Server. Please note that it will count for the total amount of saved projects you are allowed under your license.

The holidays

We will be out of the office from December 25 to January 1. If you need our assistance please contact us by mail: support@tygron.com

We wish you happy holidays and all the best for 2020. We hope you will keep enjoying the Tygron Platform in the new year as well.

The Tygron Team