Tygron worldwide

The Tygron Geodesign Platform can be used worldwide as the ideal tool for stakeholder conversations and scenario planning. Thanks to open source data like OpenStreetMaps, areas anywhere in the world will be displayed properly in the Tygron Geodesign Platform. Additional data enriches the results even further.

The international project Ground Truth 2.0 stimulates sustainable citizen observatories for smart resources management. Using their own observations and mobile devices, citizens can provide a new data stream of local information about their environment, complementing existing systems and data sources. Tygron participates in several demo cases in Belgium and Sweden. The Tygron Platform shows the collected data in easy to understand but comprehensive 3D projects, that serve as a solid base for stakeholder conversations.

We would like to show you 3 recent projects with the Tygron Platform

Belgium – Mechelen

In the city of Mechelen in Belgium the Citizen Observatories focus on Air quality and noise pollution. The Tygron Platform uses OpenStreetMaps to show the selected area. By using the data that was collected by citizens over a period of several days we give everyone involved clear insight into the problem. This is the starting point for all stakeholders to investigate scenarios to improve air quality. The city has already taken steps and banned most of the cars from the city center.

Belgium – Antwerp 

This is a project to reduce heat stress in the district of Sint-Andries in Antwerp. The goal is to identify the cooler spots during hot days for the more vulnerable like the elderly and newborns. CO members collected data during the summer to map the heat stress sensitive areas. We loaded this data on the Tygron Platform and display both day and night temperatures. 

Sweden – Dunkern

We did two projects in the Dunkern area, thanks to active users in the eco village of Flen. They collected lots of data on water quality which we integrated in the project on the Tygron Platform. There is a large project, covering an area of 30 kilometers by 30 kilometers that includes the whole Dunkern area. There is also a smaller project of 10km by 10km that focuses of the eco village in Flen. Both serve as a base for stakeholder conversations and scenario planning sessions to improve the water quality in the area.