EDU Event 2019: Tygron in education, bigger than ever!

On Thursday 7 February, the Tygron EDU Event 2019 took place for the fourth time. For the first time, it was held outside the Tygron office in The Hague, much to the delight of the organizer Hansje Hooghiemstra. The University of Amsterdam housed an audience of around twenty participants; a mix of teachers, students and representatives from the professional field.


In her opening speech, Hansje emphasized that Tygron uses the event to get feedback from the educational institutions that use the platform in their curricula. In the previous year, it turned out that there was a great need for information about the functionality of the software. With new tutorial videos, the forum and the extensive wiki, Tygron has fulfilled that wish. The price for a license was also a stumbling block for many. The free Edu license for the Tygron Platform was the solution.

Complexity of spatial planning

Ilse Rovers, lecturer in Environmental Science at Avans University of Applied Sciences, has integrated the Climate Game in the curriculum for the first time this academic year. She spoke about her findings during the pilot: “The students are enthusiastic about the lessons with the Climate Game. It is very hands-on and that is exactly what they want”. According to Rovers, students are now experiencing the complexity of spatial planning for the first time by playing the roles of the various stakeholders.


Anouk Berendsen, Lecturer in Land and Water Management at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, has the ambition to use the Tygron Platform more widely than just for the Climate Game. “Students are now already using the platform for the Minor project “Steengoed” in the context of Sustainable River Management with an old brick factory, and graduation studies are underway on behalf of external clients.” In the future, she wants to use RE: PEAT as a serious game, so that regular students could build games, and calculate and visualize flooding in urban areas.


Mendel Giezen, lecturer in Sustainable Urban Development and Infrastructure at the University of Amsterdam, is now using the Tygron Platform for the first time in the Master of Urban & Regional Planning. There, the demand for a template for the local situation turned out to be high. “We would like to add Amsterdam stakeholders, but the students did not have enough time to dive into that”. So next time there will be more instruction about the editor mode.


During the Q&A round it became clearer that there is a need for more region-specific and program-specific projects like the Climate Game. There was also a demand for more information about how the platform can be better integrated into the curriculum. It has been agreed that the Tygron team will help set up specific cases, and that the educational institutes will document them. We will also try to encourage professionals to share real projects and provide insight into their working method, so that students could gain valuable work experience.