Teacher use case: Climate game motivates students

Motivated students aren’t always on the menu for teachers. But the moment they got to play Tygron’s Climate game, motivation was no longer an issue.

By: teachers

College: Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

“Environment Management students in Velp recently had a play game afternoon. Having attended a considerable number of lectures and projects about climate policy, they were now the ones put in charge: what should you do, as a city, to increase the quality of life? How can a water control board achieve its goals? How does a project developer operate?

The students were set to work in a 3D simulation at the Delft campus. By playing the game, the idea developed that together you achieve more goals than individually. This includes lots of discussions, shifting subsidies, permits, allocating responsibilities. In the 3D world, time races by for the player, and there are showers at regular times or a hot summer. This immediately shows where water doesn’t drain, especially when a city has much of its surface paved.

More playing time

Having played for 3 hours on a Friday afternoon, the students were just begging for more play time! This is an absolutely great experience for a teacher!

VHL bought the game for educational purposes in the spatial plan development and for climate issues. This game is now being applied to real area topics with municipalities, water authorities and other area actors.

Using the Tygron Engine, any area in the Netherlands can be simulated by building a customized game.

In short: a successful experiment!”