Voor de tweede keer op rij waren Florian Witsenburg van Tygron en Erwin van der krabben van de Radboud Universiteit in China voor een gezamenlijk trainingsprogramma over serious gaming en simulaties in planprocessen.

Florian Witsenburg from Tygron and Erwin van der Krabben from Radboud University presented for the second year in a row on behalf of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy at  Peking University  a joint training program in China on the use of game simulations and serious games for urban planning purposes.

This year the training, that was held at the PKU campus in Shenzhen, focused on governance and finance solutions for China’s Sponge Cities program on urban climate adaptation. Around 20 Chinese participants from local government, research institutes and universities learned in a one week program to use and design 3D GIS-supported simulation games on the Tygron engine. Participants learned how Tygron engine-supported simulation games can be highly effective as decision support tools in planning decision processes.