The new Water Module makes the Tygron Platform future-proof

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Calculating the entire water system of countries to a resolution of 1m x 1m is here

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Tygron Geodesign Platform for Water Authorities

The Tygron Geodesign Platform is fully integrated multifunctional software used for any issues in spatial planning. It’s an integrated instrument which is suitable for making water issues in combination with other topics (energy, traffic, air quality, etc.) transparent using high resolution as well as high speed.

The reason for its versatility is that it’s based on layers of real data mutually interacting with each other in a realistic way. The Tygron platform can be used to review any problem or issue you may have. Scenarios are checked based on verified calculation models enabling ample time for thorough analyses of solutions and iterations.

The Tygron Platform provides a powerful tool to explore various scenarios, review plans and involve stakeholders in the decision-making process throughout all the stages of the project. By providing all the necessary tools and resources we are building consensus and thereby saving time and money.

For water authorities, this typically includes topics such as flooding, water quality, stress tests, water test and peat subsidence.

  • Working in projects

    • All data and rules of a project in one model
    • Online, available at all times
    • Working together with an unlimited number of people on a project
  • Implementation of future plans and reviews of

    • Costs and Benefits
    • Effects in any possible field
    • Feasibility
  • Explore solutions early on

    • Involving external stakeholders in the process
    • Iteration, exploring the consensus
    • Results in 3D, transparent to everybody

These water authorities are now working with the Tygron Geodesign Platform