GIS and Data Analysis

Bring GIS together based on projects and conduct analyses for real-life indicators and acknowledged computing models

The Tygron Platform provides the possibility of simply collecting all Geo data of your project in one place and to conduct analyses.

You may of course load your own data and see them come to live in a 3D world. By adding your own computing models and indicators, based on rules set up by yourself in order to further analyse data, you will have a more thorough and effective understanding of the matter.

You can use this technology to analyse your plans or to review new and existing situations against laws and regulations. With simple queries about the amount of available public green areas and the type of built areas, you will soon come to estimates about the quality of life and the ground and house prices. Your data can be further enhanced by allocating your own base figures to specific buildings or to complete categories, and you will be able to immediately see that these details are adopted. The results are shown in real time.

This is how the Tygron Geodesign Platform is used for GIS and data analysis

“The versatile functionality of the Tygron Geodesign Platform makes an excellent combination with the EQP. In order to visualize and review initiatives in a 3D model, reviews against the applicable regulations and also for individual topics/indicators, the Platform is entirely geared to working according to the Environmental Act.”

“Since 2017, 25 million computing cells have been available for each project built within the Tygron Platform. The target is to be able to compute this number forty times over by 2019: 1 billion. If this process is continued, 90 billion cells are well within reach by 2020. This will allow an area of 300km x 300km, larger than the Netherlands, to be subdivided into computing cells of 1m x 1m.”