Planned maintenance in januari

On januari 3rd 2019, at 9:00am GMT+1, we will perform regular…
20/12/2018/by Rudolf

Maintenance and plans for next year

Herewith we would like to inform you about the planned maintenance…
18/12/2018/by bobby

Student use case: Heat issues in Groningen

A student wanted to familiarise people in the Groningen city areas with Heat Stress.  
09/10/2018/by ericb

Teacher use case: Climate game motivates students

The moment the students got to play Tygron’s Climate game, motivation was no longer an issue.
09/10/2018/by ericb

Student use case: Water management in peatland areas

Four students did research into the issues around water management in peatland areas.
09/10/2018/by ericb

Alliander and Tygron are reducing the consumption of natural gas

The Netherlands is engaged in an energy transition with the abandonment of the use of natural gas.
17/07/2018/by bobby

Tygron Platform calculates with remarkable speed large areas in hyper resolution

Tygron recently conducted a simulation of a water model on 1 billion computing cells.
17/07/2018/by bobby

Province of Utrecht uses the Tygron Platform for the Environmental Act

The Tygron Geodesign Platform is fully equipped to work according to the Environment Act.
17/07/2018/by bobby

Tygron presents colliding stars in Noordwijk

In an impact test for the Environmental Act, Tygron checked the future vision of the city of Noordwijk.
17/07/2018/by bobby

Tygron Geodesign Platform free for Education

The Tygron Geodesign Platform can now be used by educational institutions free of charge.
17/07/2018/by bobby